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Specialty Machines

Six Sigma for years has provided solutions to a multitude of industry. Our specialty machines built over the years are impressive. Word of mouth and a strong desire to build better, smarter machines has afforded us many unique opportunities.  

Assembly plants are faced with some unique challenges. Six Sigma has provided untold solutions to these issues. From increasing cycle times to creating a smart more efficient procedure Six Sigma has faced the challenge. 

Some of our interesting solutions include:  

  • CAT – a complete assembly line for heavy equipment wheels weighing in excess of 30,000 lbs. This line not only increased production but became the standard for large material handling, safe assembly. 
  • Six Sigma Coining Presses – Very impressive machines with over a 1000 ton capability and only 25 HP required. This beast loads and unloads in 6 seconds producing an impressive 10 parts per minute through put.  
  • De-riveters – For the big truck world, our brake liner de- riveters are a standard. Fast, repeatable, and robust our machines are impressive. 
  • Pleaters- For the filter industry our machines provide the dependability and reliability clients are looking for. 
  • Omni Press- Six Sigma builds a multitude of super high tech machines that combine several tasks into one machine providing poke-yoke and runout check during the assembly process. Building axles, rear-ends with reliable precision is one of our many talents.  
  • Axle bearing nutsetters- No one in the industry compares to the affordable yet long lasting precision Six Sigma delivers in our axle Bearing Nutsetters. With reliable torque, smart sockets, end play checking, and data collection capabilities, our machines are a must for your assembly process. 
  • Material handling- Building precision rollovers for frames from 1200 pounds to those that weigh tons Six Sigma has the answers. 

We know what it takes to get the job done. If you pay attention and keep an eye out, you will see our Six Sigma logo on machines in almost every assembly plant. They’ll be the ones with the old paint that have not moved in years but run with authority every day and the new shiny addition to the plant. Six Sigma humbly performs in all walks of industry. 

Six Sigma started by recognizing the industry’s need to torque to a specification and designing the fix and building the answer that revolutionized an industry to 1000 ton presses that have delivered reliable service and repeatability for decades with only 25 HP. Six Sigma is your only choice for your next machine solution, on time, affordable, dedicated performance.   

“Bring your problems to us. We will figure out the solution.”

Specialty Machines

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