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Poka-Yoke & Kaizen 

Six Sigma knows the importance of preventing errors in assembly. Our machines implement the most proven and modern techniques in accuracy. Knowing your assembly is not only efficient but error proof is essential to our team. Specializing in lasers, cameras, encoders, sensors, and vision technology we find the exact component to meet your needs. With reliability and repeatability in mind Six Sigma will perfect your quality and assembly needs.

” Poka-yoke() (IPA: [poka joke]) is a Japanese term that means “fail-safing”, “Foolproof” or “mistake-proofing” {avoiding (yokeru) inadvertent errors (poka)} is a behavior-shaping constraint, or a method of preventing errors by putting limits on how an operation can be performed in order to force the correct completion of the operation. The concept was formalized, and the term adopted, by Shigeo Shingo as part of the Toyota Production System. Originally described as Baka-yoke, but as this means “fool-proofing” (or “idiot proofing”) the name was changed to the milder Poka-yoke.1

Designed with reliability in mind, the Poke-Yoke is a masterpiece in engineering. This device is capable of checking hole locations in a multitude of locations at once. This means quicker cycle times for you. It is also able to punch out the remaining slugs in the tube which alleviates the need for a separate station to accomplish this task.

The device is built around a series of rigid spring loaded thrusters that locate hole positions and return ” go or no-go feedback. Each thruster can also be specified with a certain amount of ” float ” to meet your tolerance needs.

The device can also be built, at an additional cost, to be fully upgradeable. This feature allows for quick change of the products hole location with a minimum of downtime to your facility.


Poka-Yoke Thru Shaft Assembly Press

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