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Deductive reasoning, intelligent thinking, root problem solving, and a vast knowledge of a multitude of industries and their needs. Six Sigma will find the answer.

Diversity – With over 45 years of solving industries toughest challenges, Six Sigma has had the pleasure of solving problems and providing solutions from propellers to casket flippers.

Experience – Having such a diverse background in a multitude of industries, has earned Six Sigma the unmatched reputation of solving problems efficiently with reliability.

Creativity – With the level of experience found within the team at Six Sigma and our unrelenting hard work ethic, some of the industries most challenging projects have been directed to us based on our renowned creativity.

Repeatability – The team at Six Sigma continues to be known for our consistently accurate solutions and machines.

At any time you will find many projects inside Six Sigma. Some of our current projects for 2017 include:

Major tier 1 client upgrading their plants for a new model change – Six Sigma is providing solutions to the following:

  • Conveyors
  • Press upgrades
  • Robot integration with lasers
  • End form machines
  • Fixtures for Robotic welding
  • EOAT’s for robotic welding cells
  • Automated tube cutting and conveying
  • End forming and precision punching machines and cells
  • Precision bending machine cells
  • Cell relocation
  • Torque application – fixed spindled

Big Three client:

  • Frame rollover for mid size trucks. Challenged with very high cycle times.

Major tier 1:

  • Automated chamfering cell

Major tier 1:

  • Updating of several Six Sigma rolling torque machines to be redistributed across the world to their other locations, Heavy Truck

Major bedding manufacturer:

  • Automated fabric cutting machines – 6 units in total

Major heavy equipment manufacturer:

  • Automated pallet conveyor
  • Multiple spindle torque machine
  • Track tool

Major tier 1 marine manufacturer:

  • Automated lube machine
  • Automated end cap and snap ring installation machine
  • Manipulator for duel end pressing application with multiple parts scope

Major appliance manufacturer:

  • 2 -Full line robotic integration with line tracking and complicated EOAT.
  • Complicated press tooling
  • 2- Full lines with integration of new 2 axis robots with existing presses and development of integrating new modern programming components with aged PLC’s and components.

Major golf cart manufacturer:

  • Automated Steering Arm assembly cell
  • Automated race, bearing, worm gear shaft press assembly cell
  • Steering alignment laser cell with data collection
  • Bearing press cells
  • Welding robot cell

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