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Jim and Owen, 

Thank you for supporting the onsite modifications Mark Campbell has made to the Six Sigma Vista II Frame Rollover equipment. Your team has displayed the willingness to understand production startup issues and the need to quickly remedy any equipment related items in order to be considered a team player during this important Navistar launch. 

The most recent issue involved the hose/cabling festooning. This issue was a repeating problem with the hydraulic hoses and control cabling becoming entangled as the frame was flipped. Past attempts to adjust the crane festooning trolleys only corrected the problem for a relatively short period of time. The solution implemented on Monday 3/13 was to add a balancer of sufficient capacity to support the hydraulic hoses and control cabling. The trolleys were also modified to allow improved free flow along the festooning rail.  

A special thanks to Mark Campbell and Tom Danber for their long Monday evening (actually into Tuesday morning) and the successful installation of the balancer. Mark stayed overnight and was able to review the changes with the production operator this morning. We observed production rollovers for approximately two hours with no incidents of hose/cable entanglement. 


Rick Lotter

FTE Performance Consulting

Broach Station

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