Six Sigma: Providing Solutions Globally

We encourage you and your team to schedule a visit to our facility. The diversity you will experience as you tour our facility will not only build the confidence your team requires for your project, but also inspire ideas for your own solutions.

“The facility is impressive. The equipment is phenomenal!”

Building More Than Just Machines: Partnerships

We are stronger together. The more we experience, the better we all can be. Come help us make industry grow with better people and smarter machines.

Creating and Maintaining a World Class Machine Shop is about proven principles of success in metal fabrication. Six Sigma has acquired the best equipment over the years to handle any size job. Technology is ever changing and our staff and equipment has kept up the pace. Your project will benefit from the precision our staff, equipment, and facility has to offer.

“It is not the building or the equipment that make Six Sigma the only choice; it’s the people inside the facility!”

Engineering – Our creative thinkers solve the challenges; turn the very technical into an understandable reality.

Electrical – Our electrical department drafts and builds works of art. Like a road map your team can follow and have the confidence it was done right.

Machining – The hands that touch the first piece of metal that go into your project are some of the best in the country. Our machinists define precision.

Welding – With the scope of projects Six Sigma tackles, our welding department provides unmatched quality today’s machines demand.

Paint – We take pride in our builds. Walk through any plant in the world and Six Sigma equipment stands out. It stands out for two reasons. The pride of our team shows not only in performance but how it looks. The second is the clients repeatedly say, “That machine has been running for years with no problem, look at it, it still looks new”.

Assembly Mechanics – The team that pulls it all together. Six Sigma’s assembly mechanics simply rock. The diversity is impressive. Rest assured your project will be put together with the precision it deserves.

Controls & Programming – The only way to describe this part of our team is experience. Constantly keeping up with technology our team has seen it all and in every environment and situation known to man. Rest assured Six Sigma will take the complex and make it work with the reliability and repeatability you expect.

Pneumatics & Hydraulics – There is only one way to help your team understand the scope of this department. Simply the best!

Our Facility

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