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Our Story

Beverly and Owen Thompson founded Six Sigma more than 45 years ago. Owen recognized that there was no available equipment or data collection to fulfill specific client needs in industry and decided to solve the problem. Owen developed torque tools with digital adjustment and data collection to demonstrate the level of torque. Starting in the heavy truck industry his technology spread into every industry we know today and opened a new field not only in equipment but data collection that proved reliability and repeatability. Six Sigma had roots. Six Sigma prides itself on intelligent problem solving machines and solutions.

“Precision is key to our success and is the foundation of Six Sigma’s story.”

What Six Sigma Can Do For You

When it comes time to re-outfit your production floor, or maybe you are a new company looking to acquire the machinery that you need to get up and running, you want a supplier that you can trust to provide you with quality machinery that they are willing to stand behind. That’s where we come in.

Six Sigma has been in the machine design business for more than 45 years now. That means we’ve got a solid background in all aspects of machine engineering. We produce smart and effective machines utilizing our extensive knowledge in mechanics, electrical systems, and hydraulics that will help you maximize your space and time to ultimately get the job done right. Our solutions are only limited by the imagination. You might have a problem that doesn’t have an answer yet. We are expert problem solvers when it comes to integrating your products with your production. We can develop custom solutions based on your product, production needs, and budget.

Some of our top customers include: Caterpillar, GM, Ford, Toyota, MACK, Volvo, DANA and Metalsa.


Industries from Automotive to Casket Makers have benefitted from our hands-on approach to solving problems with efficient machines. Our projects excel based on two key factors: Information and Communication.

Six Sigma has earned the reputation of being the pioneer of some of the most challenging solutions that are in production now. With the development of a torque to solution, Owen found the need for a specialty socket. An ingenious concept of a relaxing socket evolved. In higher torque applications it was difficult to remove the socket. Overnight, Owen developed the relaxing socket that rapidly became the go-to standard in industry.

You require efficient, solid solutions. Six Sigma thrives on creating solutions that make production safer, more efficient, and repeatable. Our staff of professional, experienced thinkers is the perfect partner for your projects. From conception to completion, Six Sigma has the history and experience you can rely on.

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